2015. JAN India SRM University exchange student Anna’s letter

My Experience at fly laboratory

My experience in Tzu Chi University as an exchange student was unforgettable. I am Anna Shiney, Graduate student from SRM University, India. As an exchange annaprogram I chose to do my graduate final year project in Laboratory of Developmental Genetics, Department of Molecular Biology andHuman Genetics, Tzu Chi University, Taiwan under Dr. MingDer Lin. It was January 5th ’15, my first day in the laboratory. My research in “fly lab” was like a seed started to grow in a good land. Stepping into the lab I was little nervous about my experiments. Since it was the first time i am working in a developmental biology lab. Studying in a text book and learning at the bench (Lab) experience is a different experience. Learning is not just teaching but thinking in different perspective to attain the goals. That’s what I experienced in fly lab. Here, I was not taught. But I was given an idea to think, analyse and do. Every time I set up my experiments, I would be recalled by Dr. Lin’s words “Do you want to be a technician or a scientist?” His words always reminded me to not just follow the protocols but think beyond the boxes. After this trip, my perspective towards research was in a different light. Now I know that science is much more interesting and it needs lot of dedication. After my 6 months internship, when I presented my work in my school, I could see my own reflection grown up in terms of knowledge and perspective towards research. Thank you so much Dr. Linand all the lab members for your great organization and enthusiasm.

Nǐ shì yīgè měihǎo de hé fèngxiàn jīngshén de jiàoshī. Xièxiè nǐ ràng wǒ jīntiān wǒ shì shuí

P.S. I would never forget the welcome dinner, Taroko park visit and Chinese New Year vacations and all the fun we had.

* Anna Shiney is currently an assistant professor in Prist University, Manamai, ECR, Chennai


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